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VP of Executive Development

Vice President of Development wanted for CA-based international film production company California Studios. We specialize in feature films spanning the intersection of Hollywood and Bollywood, exploring subjects ranging from crime and current affairs to science and history. We work on ambitious, medium to high-budget projects with big name Directors, Producers and Actors.


We're operating like a startup - we're looking for both experienced as well as fresh graduate candidates with energy who will be willing to hustle and come to the table with passion and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our ideal canditate will value equity in California Studios far more than cash compensation.



The VP of Development manages the creative development process; from internal idea generation to the delivery of sales material, under the guidance of the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer. In addition, the VP/Director of Development is responsible for the sales and client relationship management process. Duties are to supervise and lead the creation, management and production of all development materials, and to be an effective salesperson of company projects, as well as developing strategic partnerships with clients and third parties.


Reports to directly: General Manager/CEO

Supervises directly: Production Assistants, Executive Assistant, Interns.



* Manage the Development Process:

--Together with GM/CEO, set direction and goals for development process.

--Structure and lead creative film projects through story development, hiring (actors, directors, co-producers, crew, other key post), pre-production, production, post-production and distribution

--Supervise, lead, participate and evaluate development team in brainstorming, idea generation, client and market analysis, respective research, production of trailers and pitch material for development pilots.

--Lead and Manage ongoing creative development efforts from idea to concept to creation of pitch materials and internal greenlight process.

--Write development proposals.


* Manage Client and Third Party Relationship Process:

--Pitch and on-board A-list Actors, Directors, and Producers for projects in development at California Studios

--Develop, build and manage existing and new key client relationships with industry executives, together with senior management, resulting in sales/project opportunities for California Studios

--Manage existing and create new relationships with outside producers and other strategic partners related to development who wish to work with Californai Studios


* Responsible for sales process at California Studios:

--Manage story sales process from pitch to sales closing.

--Work with California Studios agent and clients on canvassing new mandates and ideas in sales process.

--Provide Market Intelligence for Development and Client.


* Acquisition Process:

--Conduct research and serve as company point-person for marketplace intelligence including market trends, network trends and media information.



* Excellent communication and writing skills of project treatments

* Practical knowledge and experience with client commissioning processes

* High organizational proficiency and strong managerial skills

* Extensive knowledge of the Hollywood and Bollywood landscapes, preferably with industry ties and experience



* Bachelor Degree required

* Some experience as an executive in development, casting, and production with proven track record of successful productions

* Pre-existing contacts with Directors, Producers and Actors in the Hollywood and Bollywood space

* Multiple relationships with independent producers

* Previous supervisory and leadership experience (2-6 people) preferred

* Extensive travel required. Los Angeles or Mumbai based.



PAY Dependent on experience and title consideration.



* E-mail with your resume, or contact our CEO at


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